Drafting Effective HR Policies

A workshop for Human Resources Professionals who write rules

Every organization needs HR policies and standards that govern the organization’s management and employees. This hands-on workshop leads HR professionals through the steps required to organize policies, directives, rules and guidance.

Session Outline (6 HOURS)

1. Topics Include

  • establishing a policy framework and policy document types
  • selecting appropriate content
  • removing overly aggressive language
  • determining standard elements
  • identifying common policy writing errors.

Participants leave this workshop knowing:

  • how to determine what belongs in an HR policy instrument and what doesn’t
  • the best way to organize HR policies, directives, standards, and guidelines
  • how to word HR rules in a way that’s respectful to the people affected
  • how to approach a policy renewal exercise

2. Agenda

  • Goals of HR policies
  • Characteristics of good HR policy instruments

Policy frameworks

  • Foundational documents
  • Distinguishing Authorities from Guidance
  • Distinguishing policies from directives, guidelines, standards and procedures

Policy statements

  • Choosing the right content
  • Choosing the right language
  • Words and phrases to avoid

Policy components

  • Standard elements
  • Terminology and style guides
  • Cross-referencing other documents
  • Best practices

Moving forward

  • Fixing bad policy documents
  • Developing an action plan for policy refresh

3. Participants At The Workshop Will Leave With

  • a Documentation Framework and standardized list of document instrument types
  • a roadmap of foundational activities to be completed
  • a Policy Suite Health Diagnostic checklist
  • a standard policy template
  • a softcover copy of the book How to Write Rules That People Want to Follow