Many organizations claim to hold “respect for others” as a core value, but when you look at their rules documents, the story is different.

Whether they call them “policies,” “terms and conditions,” or simply “guidelines,” many of these rules sound like they were written by angry parents talking to bad children. Even worse, in an attempt to increase the level of compliance, the tone can range from bossy to bullying.

Usually this heavy-handed tone of voice is unintentional. The organization’s management doesn’t mean to be sounding like a drill sergeant. Too often this one slips through the cracks and elements affecting workplace culture are ignored. The rule writers paid attention to what they were saying, but not to how they said it.

Drafting rules for others to follow is not an easy task. The challenge is especially acute for subject matter experts who have never been formally trained in policy writing. In these one-day workshops, subject matter experts learn everything they need to know to be able to draft administrative and operational policies quickly, easily, and raising as few objections as possible.

The results will be rules that are clear, succinct, and respectful, inviting compliance rather than impeding it. The Perfect Policies™ approach has been adopted by policy groups in government and private organizations in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

Available Workshops

A workshop for Security professionals who write rules

A workshop for managers, supervisors, and specialists who write operational rules

A workshop for Information Management and Information Technology people who write rules

A workshop for Human Resources professionals who write rules

A workshop for Finance professionals who write rules

A workshop for Facilities Management professionals who write rules

A workshop for Customer Relationship Managers who write rules