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An experienced and engaging speaker, and a Certified Virtual Trainer through eSpeakers, Lewis delivers an engaging message to large and small audiences alike. He has been a standing faculty member of a training organization for decades (References available).  

Are you a professional organization with a mandate to provide quality continuing education to your members? Here’s an opportunity for you to provide timely, thought-provoking information to attendees on a topic rarely, if ever, discussed.

Keynote Presentations and Breakout Sessions

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For your local and regional chapter meetings, conferences, and other learning events, check out our list of keynote presentations and breakout sessions.

Hands-on Interactive Workshops

As part of a conference or as an independent event. Here’s an opportunity for you to sponsor a hands-on, highly interactive workshop for a limited number of attendees. The event can be branded as your own, reinforcing your image as a provider of quality education on relevant topics. You handle all the promotional logistics, and need not share any membership information with me, to protect your members’ privacy.

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Zero-risk pricing structure available for not-for-profit organizations. I’d like to know more about that.