RULES: Powerful Policy Wording to Maximize Engagement

RULES: Powerful Policy Wording to Maximize Engagement, by Lewis Eisen, International Edition

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This book re-imagines rule-making for the modern landscape.

Even strict, non-negotiable requirements can be crafted in a way that garners maximum engagement, replacing outdated authoritarian tactics with a more respectful approach. Whether you are posting a single rule on a sign or drafting an extensive series of policies and standards, unintentional negative messages conveyed by your wording can undermine your goals without you even realizing it.
In RULES, you'll discover a fresh, engaging way to:

  • Craft clear, succinct statements that convey respect and foster cooperation
  • Identify negative messaging that unintentionally distorts your intentions
  • Organize and structure policies, standards, and supporting documents to reduce redundancy and expedite development and approval
  • Align your rules with corporate values to minimize resistance.
On this approachable, reader-friendly journey, you’ll learn how your rules are perceived by others and how respectful wording promotes compliance. With competition for corporate talent fiercer than ever, organizations can't afford to ignore the damage caused by negative language and a disrespectful tone of voice. This innovative approach will go a long way to garnering support for your initiatives and moving your objectives forward. It has been adopted by both for profit and not-for-profit organizations around the world.


Table of Contents
Detailed Table of Contents

Foreword to the International Edition, by Bill Morey, Global Information Management, ORACLE
Foreword by Carol Ring, CEO Culture Connection


PART I Rules in Context

Ch 1 The Traditional Approach
Ch 2 Evolving Trends
Ch 3 The Basics
Ch 4 Policy and Corporate Culture
Ch 5 Stakeholders
Ch 6The Documentation Landscape
Ch 7 Policy Governance
Ch 8 Enforcement

PART II Internal Authorities

Ch 9 Internal Authorities
Ch 10 Policies
Ch 11 Standards
Ch 12 Procedures
Ch 13 Breaking Down Silos

Part III Drafting

Ch 14 Drafting Principles
Ch 15 Drafting Techniques
Ch 16 Must, May, and Should
Ch 17 Packaging
Ch 18 Terminology Management

Part IV Values-based Policy