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Sample #11: Policies with Respectful Language

Is respectful language on your radar during policy review?   All articles in this blog are available for use under...

Sample #12: Review Your Wording for Tone

We react against aggressive rules instinctively, but do we know why? In this example, courtesy of the City of Ottawa,...

Sample #13: Use of “May” in Policy Drafting

"May" is one of the most ambiguous terms used in policy documents. Take the "may" challenge and look at how...

Sample #14: Alternatives for “Must”

People reach for "must" to show that a particular condition is invariable, but that "must" only makes the statement sound...

Sample #15: The Phrase “No Exception”

After police officers stop a speeding car, they question the driver and usually issue a ticket. But if the officer...

Sample #16: Writing SMS Messages

SMS messages are always tricky because of the character limit. You try to strike a balance between brevity and clarity,...

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