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Sample #6: Policy vs Guidance

Be respectful of your decision-makers' time. Approving a policy demands their review, thought, discussion, and enquiry before making a decision....

Sample #7: Drafting with Respectful Language

Time limits are common in a variety of procedures documents, but there's a respectful way to communicate them, as shown...

Sample #8: Roles vs Responsibilities

ROLES and RESPONSIBILITIES are *not* the same thing. A role is a position that can be assigned to different individuals...

Sample #9: Setting a Standard

Instead of focusing on telling people what to do, a more respectful approach is to tell people what a good...

Sample #10: Website Tech Approach

Web site tech requirements have a tone of voice, too. Do yours sound dictatorial or respectful?   All articles in...

Sample #11: Policies with Respectful Language

Is respectful language on your radar during policy review?   All articles in this blog are available for use under...

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