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Five Obstacles to IG Policy Approval

In the best circumstances, a well-crafted draft IG policy will sail through an approval process like a ship in warm...

Sample #1: Don’t Dumb Down Your Policies

Don't dumb down your policies. It's true that everyone might need to be able to understand your policy, that doesn't...

Sample #2: Procedure vs Checklist

Distinguishing a procedure from a policy or standard is easy: a procedure has a beginning, an end, and sequential steps....

Sample #3: “Must” is NOT clear

No, "must" is *NOT* clear (contrary to popular belief). People reach for "must" to indicate that something is strict, but...

Sample #4: Policy vs Signage

Policy and signage are different. Policy RECORDS the decision on a given point; signage COMMUNICATES that decision to employees and...

Sample #5: The Bossy vs Helpful Format

Here's another example where an organization — in this case, a government social service — has used "must" to indicate...

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