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An approach born from experience practising law, business and IT consulting in both the private and the public sectors. 

How many times do your corporate policies contain phrases like “Employees must always” and “is not tolerated”?

Dictatorial language is antiquated in today’s workplace. Instead of improving employee or customer compliance, policies that sound like parents talking down to children engender resistance or even defiance.

Workplace culture has changed over the years. The goal today is willing cooperation rather than begrudged obedience. As the leader of a large or mid-size organization, you are held accountable for the rules written by others. Even the strictest rules can all be written respectfully and worded in a way that improves willingness to cooperate. Properly-worded policy statements align your organization's rules to the culture you want to foster.

Through workshops and presentations, I teach your policy writers step-by-step techniques on how to draft policies, directives, and other rules documents more quickly and more easily than they do now.

I'm happy to explore what's going on with your organization and its policy drafting and enforcement challenges on a complimentary call.

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