Wording Operational Policies to
Optimize Engagement

Shift your organization's policy-writing culture from confrontational to cooperative.

Craft your rules in a way that fosters compliance

As a leader, you can demonstrate that you value teamwork and respect only when the corporate policies don't convey that the real objective is obedience.

"Lewis Eisen’s session was nothing short of awe-inspiring. Lewis took us on an insightful journey, emphasizing that policies and standards are more than just technical documents – they resonate with both our organizational values and personal beliefs."


Lewis Eisen in Action

Rules can be strict, yet worded respectfully. Watch Lewis deliver a talk on the downside of badly-worded policy statements and why we need to avoid them.

International Speaker and Author
Combining the fields of Law and Policy Drafting

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Sessions may be eligible for continuing education credit from these organizations

ARMA International
AIIM International
Human Resources Professionals Association
Project Management Institute
Institute of Certified Records Managers


Engaging keynote speeches and breakout sessions tailored to your conference, monthly meeting, or special event.


Intensive hands-on skills building training for your policy writers in operational and corporate support services.

Document Review

Confidential review, assessment, and recommendations on your organization’s policy instruments and supportive documentation.

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Lewis has worked with the following organizations:

International Committee of the Red Cross
Merrick Bank
Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Global Affairs Canada
Employment and Social Development Canada
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
United Kingdom Planning Inspectorate
Government of New Brunswick
Ontario Digital Services
Human Resources Professionals Association
Saskatchewan Health Authority

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How to Write Rules That People Want to Follow

A guide to writing respectful policies and directives

Often organizations claim to hold "respect for others" as a core value, but when you look at their policy documents, the story is different. Whether they call them "policies," "standards," or simply "rules," too often they sound like a sergeant barking orders at the troops. That tone of voice might have been acceptable in the past but it is not effective in today's workplace.

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How to Write Rules That People Want to Follow

10 Benefits

of the Perfect Policies™ Approach


About Lewis Eisen

An International Speaker and Author Combining the fields of Law and Policy Drafting.

An approach born from experience practising law, 20 years of business and IT consulting, and 12 years writing administrative policies in the federal government.

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